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The PEI fixed and retracting roof system may not only be designed for pool enclosure roofs but can be used alone to skylight foyers, courtyards, indoor gardens, dining areas, commercial entrance canopies, porte-cocheres and recreational areas.


Below are some projects showing different lighting methods:





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  Compare qualities of Polycarbonate vs. fiberglass glazing.


Stainless steel wedge anchors provided by PEI



FANS AND HEATERS: We recommend large ceiling fans for circulating stratified air (hot air that is trapped near the ceiling) of large structures such as swimming pool enclosures and natatoriums. Heated air from forced air systems is less dense that the ambient air, and naturally rises to the ceiling. Heaters have to work harder to even out the temperature resulting in extra fuel cost. Large fans are designed to move air effectively at low speeds. These fans should push air down without creating a draft. It is recommended to not run fans in reverse to pull up the heat and wash it back down the walls because it can increase heat loss through the roof and will not get the heat down to the pool level in a large pool enclosure. According to ASHRAE - room air temperature must be a minimum 2 degrees warmer that the water temperature to keep condensation controlled. Keeping the air quality and humidity in check by circulating the air around the swimming pool will help reduce condensation, mold and mildew, and disperse chloramine.





INSULATED GLASS: Composed of two tempered lites of glass separated by a dry air spacer and hermetically sealed to form a single construction.  These units are able to provide the sound and thermal insulation one would expect from more traditional building materials without sacrificing benefits of transparency. 



   The Difference Is In The Details:


  • Standard fixed glass is 1" tempered I.G. (High performance available.)..........
  • Motorized retracting roof panels (see photo above)
  • Design criteria of 40 PSF (or higher) snow/live load and 90 MPH (or higher) wind load.
  • Structural 6061-T6 (or equivalent) extruded aluminum framing for strength and rigidity.
  • Built-in internal weep system channels water and condensation to outside. SEE NOTE BELOW
  • Built-in elect. wire chase in main rafters & columns.
  • Thermally isolated components prevent heat loss and condensation.
  • All interior components are isolated from external elements.
  • System is fully sealed with Santoprene ® gaskets, minimizing caulking.
  • Each structure is pre-gasketed for reduced installation time and cleaner job sites.
  • Low profile purlin caps allow water and dirt to drain off easily.
  • Standard polycarbonate is 25mm (1"), 10-wall I-R Gold (heat reducing).
  • Standard paint colors are white and bronze, with custom colors available.
  • Corrosion resistant unexposed stainless steel fasteners assure structural integrity.
  • All doors and windows are thermally broken and have tempered insulated glass.
  • Polycarbonate and Glass carry a 10-year limited warranty.  

The secret to dealing with water penetration is providing a system that has a redundant drainage system incorporated as part of its design, which can control the penetration. This drainage system will allow for the collection of any water infiltration and drainage back to the exterior through built-in weep channels within the rafters and columns. This type of drainage system is commonly referred to as a ”weepage system.“
Be cautious when considering other systems that do not have this design incorporated into them.

We can typically send a quote and Custom CADD generated drawing suited to your particular job within 24 - 48 hrs.


      17' x 50' - Freestanding             Hipped (2) examples                Segmented (2) examples          Lean-to (2) examples

21' x 35' - Freestanding            20' x 26' - Gable Attached        30' x 42' - Freestanding            17' x 20'

22' x 55' - Freestanding            30' x 60' - Freestanding            30' x 45' - Gable Attached        22' x 55'                          

25' x 31' - Freestanding            32' x 56' - Freestanding            30' x 48' - Freestanding             33' x 37'            

25' x 37' - Freestanding            40' x 64' - Freestanding            30' x 52' - Gable Attached         37' x 90'

25' x 43' - Freestanding            30' x 52' - Isometric                  30' x 52' - Gable Attached         Spa Enclosures (3)    

25' x 50' - Freestanding            24' x 24' Skylight                      31' x 55' - Freestanding             19' X 37'

30' x 48' - Freestanding            26' x 40' Freestanding              32' x 55' - Gable Attached          29' X 49'

30' x 50' - Freestanding            28' x 56' Freestanding              33' x 45' - Gable Attached          31' X 49'

30' x 50' - Freestanding                                                             33' x 53' - Gable Attached          20' X 28'

30' x 50' - Freestanding                                                             47' x 95' - Freestanding              29' X 32'

30' x 55' - Freestanding                                                             36' X 59' - Freestanding              24' x 36'

30' x 60' - Freestanding                                                             26' x 35'- Gable Attached            21' x 42'

32' x 61' - Freestanding                                                             Round - 54'                                 25' X 43'

33' x 50' - Freestanding                                                             14' x 26' Freestanding

33' x 50' - Freestanding                                                             25' x 55' Freestanding

33' x 55' - Freestanding                                                             25' x 60' Freestanding

33' x 55' - Freestanding                                                             Round - 37'

33' x 55' - Freestanding                                                             50' x 71' Freestanding

33' x 61' - Freestanding                                                             36' x 60' Gable Attached

33' x 63' - Freestanding                                                             36' x 91' with Walkway

33' x 67' - Gable Attached                                                         44' x 100' with Walkway

33' x 73' - Freestanding                                                             20' x 47' Freestanding

33' x 73' - Gable Attached                                                         25' x 55' Freestanding                                                      

37' x 67' Freestanding                                                               32' x 58' Gable Attached

40' x 61' Gable Attached with Walkway                                     25' x 48' Gable Attached

47' x 88' - Freestanding

50' x 68' - Freestanding

50' x 98' - Freestanding

52' x 73' - Freestanding

Spa Enclosures (3)

25' x 49' - Gable Attached to equip. room

25' x 56' - Gable Attached to equip. room

25' x 63' - Gable Attached to equip. room

33' x 49' - Gable Attached

35' x 70' - Freestanding

41' x 67' - Gable Attached

42' x 61' - Gable Attached

29' X 43' - Freestanding

45' x 85' - Freestanding

23' x 70' - Freestanding

41' x 63' - Gable Attached Isometric

18' x 34' Greenhouse

25' or 30' x 50' Freestanding

58' x 98' Aquatic Center

25'-7" x 49'-8" Ideal for 15' x 30' pools

25'-7" x 42'-8" good for 15' x 30' pools






Part 1 - General


Customized for each project


Manufacturer: Provide enclosure, including installation by a single firm, which has successfully specialized in production of this type of work for not less than 10 years.

Standard of quality is based on products of the company listed below. Provide pool enclosure by a manufacturer whose products comply with requirements established in the Contract Documents:

Pool Enclosures, Inc.
Mills River, NC. 28759


Have shop drawings stamped by a licensed professional engineer.  Comply with the requirements of the local building codes as applicable.


Thermally isolated frame members. Provide thermal isolation between exterior and interior structural components by santoprene or equivalent gaskets to diminish the possibility of condensation forming on the interior metal surfaces.

Water & Moisture

Comply with design and performance requirements specified in the building codes and as specified below and design and engineer the work accordingly. In designing and engineering the work, the following principles shall be followed:

  1. Make provisions to drain the exterior face of assembly any water entering at joints and any condensation occurring within the framing with internal weep channels.
  2. At design conditions no water penetration to the interior side of the assembly shall occur.
  3. Design, fabricate and install the assembly to be watertight to the interior subject to the interior and exterior design conditions in combination with movements occurring due to loads imposed.


Air leakage through the curtain wall shall not exceed 0.06 cfm per square foot of fixed wall area plus the permissible allowance specified for sliding doors within the test area when tested in accordance with ASTM E 283 at a static air pressure difference of 1.57 psf.


ASTM E 84 Surface Burning

Flame Spread: PEI’S Aluminum / Polycarbonate assembly = Class C


Product Data: Submit manufacturer's specifications.

Shop Drawings: Submit complete shop drawings for fabrication and erection of the pool enclosure, including plans, elevations, and all details of typical sections and connections. Shop drawings shall show all details of the enclosure, the curtain wall,  methods of joining, thickness and finish of materials, methods of anchorages, types of sealants, and glazing details.


Submit manufacturer's standard 1 year warranty against defects in material and labor of the work in this section; that the work will be water and weather tight, structurally sound and free from distortion and deformation under load; glazing gaskets and sealant will be free from distortion from sunlight, weather and oxidation and will be free from permanent deformation under load.


Provide Manufacturer’s standard warranty against: 10 year limited.

  1. Defective materials and defects in manufacturing
  2. Discoloration.
  3. Hail damage


Provide Manufacturer’s standard warranty against:

  1. Defects in insulating glass units.
  2. Material obstruction of vision as a result of dust for film formation on the internal glass surfaces by any cause, under normal conditions, other than extrinsic glass breakage.
  3. Seal failure.


Manufacturer’s standard finish warranty.

Part 2 - Products


  1. All framing members shall be designed to elastic deflection limits of L/180 horizontally and vertically under design loading, based on IBC 2006. Permanent deformation of components due to applied loads is not permitted.

    Design the enclosure, and curtain wall to withstand the deflection limit as stated above, its own weight, forces applied by the movement of the building structure and the maximum design loads due to the pressure and suction of wind, snow, ice and rain.

    Design and construct to work to provide for expansion and contraction of components as will be caused by the ambient temperature range without causing buckling, failure of joint seals, undue stress on fasteners or other effects detrimental to appearance or performance.

    Design aluminum structural components in accordance with applicable standards.

    Aluminum: All members shall be of extruded aluminum members 6061 T6 and 6005 T5.                    Structural aluminum box beam superstructure.

    Aluminum Flashings: Flashings shall be 0.040 in. minimum.

Screws and Fasteners:

  1. Assembly screws: series 410-H stainless steel, cadmium plated tek screws and sheet metal screws.  Retaining cap and perlin screws to be 18-8 stainless steel screws. 
  2. Structural bolts: series 304 high strength stainless steel finished to match color of framing.


Overhead glazing:

1” (25mm) extruded solar grade TEN-wall polycarbonate.  I.R. gold  – R..value = 4.3

See attached multiwall specifications.

The roof will provide an overall class C rating as per ASTM E 108 standards and a Class B for Spread of Flame and Intermittent Flame as per ASTM E 108 (02), sections 7 and 8.

Vertical glazing:

1” sealed insulating glass units composed of:
1/8”-3/16” clear tempered
5/8” – 3/4” air space
1/8”-3/16” clear tempered

Glass to be tempered where dictated by code.
Spacers and setting blocks: 50 and 70 durometer A hardness +/-5 respectively, neoprene rubber.
Glazing Gaskets: Extruded TPV-165-A of durometer 65 (+/-5)

Solid panels:1” thick. / aluminum textured skin / isocyanurate foam filled / water resistant / R.- 6


Single action panic doors, standard aluminum stile and rail type and equipped with standard panic hardware. All aluminum materials under this section shall have a minimum thickness of 1/8” unless otherwise specified or indicated. Door stiles and rails shall be one (1) piece extruded aluminum sections with not less than 1/8” wall thickness, shall be reinforced and joined by means of concealed welding of machined aluminum corner reinforcements to the extruded sections. It shall be noted that doors depending upon mechanical fastenings alone or in conjunction with superficial welding or doors with corner sections butted together and welded without reinforcements, shall not be considered as meeting the requirements of these specifications. All doors shall be fully assembled in the factory and ready for installation prior to shipment.

Standard Hardware: Operating hardware shall be ball bearing butt hinges as supplied by the door manufacturer. Closers shall be door manufacturer's standard overhead closers. Exit devices shall be manufacturer's standard panic for the active leaf; includes cylinder, strike and pull handle. Rail sweep shall be manufacturer's standard door bottom.

Frame: 3’-4” or wide x 6’-10” or 7’-2” high aluminum door frame with a threshold.


Doors to be glaze with 1” insulating glass composed of:
¼” clear tempered
½” air space
¼” clear tempered


Swing doors to be painted to match the enclosure.

Operable Windows

Windows have thermally broken aluminum frames. The glazing shall be tempered insulated glass and will have removable screens.  Operation will be sliding or crank awning type.

Motorized Roof

Opening panels consist of glazed panels within a thermally isolated aluminum frame. The glazing shall be 25mm (1”) bronze, opal or clear 5-wall polycarbonate.


  1. Baked enamel (duracron) white or dark bronze color.

Part 3 - Execution


Examine substrates and conditions under which products of this section are to be installed and verify that the work may properly commence. Do not proceed with the work until unsatisfactory conditions have been fully resolved.


The general contractor shall install a structural curb/foundation as shown on drawings.

Stainless steel wedge/expansion type anchors supplied by Mfr.

Fasteners by General Contractor applied to structural aluminum framing systems for support of HVAC duct, sprinkler system, electrical conduit, etc. shall be 300 series stainless steel.


The manufacturer shall assist in the erection of the enclosure system in strict accordance with approved shop drawings as supplied by manufacturer. Fastening and sealing shall be in strict accordance with manufacturer's shop drawings and installation instructions. All aluminum shall be cleaned before sealants are applied.

Final cleaning and physical protection of the installed materials shall be the responsibility of the General Contractor.

Site Cleaning:

During progress of the installation, place all discarded materials, rubbish, and debris resulting from the work in on-site dumpsters provided and removed from site to be by the General Contractor or owner.

Final cleaning prior to turning the building over to the owner is by others.

Pool Enclosures, Inc. reserves the right to modify above specifications at any time without notification.



08 45 00 – Translucent Wall and Roof Assemblies

08 84 00 – Plastic Glazing



                A. This section covers all work necessary to the execution and completion of non-self supporting exterior plastic glazing system as shown on drawings and specified herein.


                A. Section 08 45 00 – Translucent Wall and Roof Assemblies

                 B. Section 08 84 00 – Plastic Glazing


                A. American Architectural and Manufacturers Association

                                 1. ASTM D1667 - 05 Standard Specification for Flexible Cellular Materials - (Closed-Cell Foam)

                 B. American Standards and Test Methods

                                 1. ASTM C 1363 – Thermal Performance

                                 2. ATM E 972 / ASTM E 1084 - Visible Light Transmittance

                 C. International Building Code 2006

                 D. National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)

                                 1. NFRC 201 – Solar Heat Gain Coefficient


                A. 25mm structured sheet(s) are tested by an accredited test laboratory in accordance with NFRC procedures for thermal performance......NOTE, SEE GLAZING / OVERHEAD GLAZING SPEC SHEET.

25mm sheet
















                 B. Performance Specifications (variations acceptable per mfr.)

Sheet Thickness



Structure Type (walls)



Min. Bending Radius

4 ft.

4 ft.

Weight (lbs / sq ft)







Light Trans. (%)








                 C. Recommended Loading

                                 1. Runs shall be supported by purlins a minimum of every 4 ft.


                A. Submit full scale shop drawings indicating methods of construction, location and spacing of anchorage, joinery, finishes, size, shape, thickness of framing members, relationship to adjoining work and glazing materials used.

                 B. Submit samples of each type of glazing material and finish as required by architect.


                A. Deliver materials to site in manufacturer’s original and unopened packaging.

                 B. Store on site in a location and manner to avoid damage. Stacking should be done in a manner that will prevent damage. Store material in a clean, dry location away from high traffic areas. Any protection on the products during transportation should remain until installed.

                 C. Keep handling on site to a minimum. Exercise caution to avoid damage to finishes of material.



                A. Drawings and specifications are based on products manufactured by:

Amerilux International, LLC         

DePere, WI 54115

Co-Ex Corporation - now Stabilit America dba Resolite

Wallingford, CT. 06492

Distributed by:

Pool Enclosures, Inc.

Mills River, NC. 28759


                 B. Substitutions:  Not permitted.


                A. Polycarbonate multi-wall sheet. Color shall be (clear, bronze, white, other). Thickness as required by the span and loads. Fire Rating per application.


                A. Glazing tapes per ASTM D 1667, 2240, 412, 925; ASTM C 518; NPT 11, 5, 57 Thermal Bond V 2100 high strength polyurethane foam substrate double sided tape. All other gaskets, setting blocks, and other materials used in glazing shall be of a type, quality and compatibility to provide performance of the product(s) covered in this section


                A. Skin system(s) shall be field measured, cut, and assembled in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.



                A. Framing shall be installed and glazed by experienced workmen in accordance with the approved shop drawings, manufacturer’s instructions and glazing standards.


Subsequent to installation of product(s) the General Contractor shall be responsible for the cleanup and protection of all materials provided per this section, including, but not limited to glazing materials and framing members. No abrasive materials of any kind shall be used in cleaning of surfaces.





 PEI also manufactures and installs custom natatoriums, spa enclosures, solariums, skylights canopies and porte-cocheres. 

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