A variety of custom pool enclosure concepts based on standard bay spacing increments.



gabled pool enclosure shape      hipped pool enclosure shape      sebmented pool enclosure shape      lean-to pool enclosure shape

The PEI enclosure is a clear-span, glass or polycarbonate-clad aluminum structural sloped-glazing system offering total configuration flexibilty.  Our structures offers custom bay spacing and roof pitches (slopes) and retracting roof panels.  All interior components have been thermally isolated (broken) from exterior elements, and the entire system features a positive drainage weep system to channel both condensation and any water intrusion to the exterior of the structure.  Systems that don't have this design incorporated into them are subject to water infiltration.  

The frame work is of heavy wall tubular or solid extruded aluminum / alloy 6061-T6 or 6005-T5 with a baked enamel white or bronze finish, custom colors are available.  Glazing supports are provided with the required edge clearance which adequately compensate for thermal movement caused by temperature variations.  The glazing is fully supported on all four sides against both positive and negative (suction) loading.  On sloped surfaces the lower edge support on the purlin prevents glass slippage.  The horizontal purlins in a vertical wall application is designed to eliminate capillary action.

The system is designed to support ground snow loads of 40 psi.  Depending upon the configuration of the specific unit, greater snow loading can be accommodated.  All structures are designed to withstand a minimum basic wind load of 20 psf in conjunction with snow loads.  Maximum allowable deflection of all structural members shall not exceed L/180 of the clear span.

Pool Enclosures, Inc. based in Western NC., has the technical expertise and experience manufacturing swimming pool enclosures, sunrooms, greenhouses, atriums, spa enclosures, conservatories and other glazed structures, coupled with the competitive pricing, high quality innovative product and installation experience, to assure you that your project will ultimately produce a magnificent end result.