General Rule:

One Dehumidifcation Unit per 500 Sq. Ft. of pool surface area.

Removes .018 pints/sq.ft/hr. of water when room temperature is 2 degrees above water temperature and will maintain a relative humidity of 50.


A swimming pool enclosure by PEI is a maintenance free structure using corrosion resistant stainless steel fasteners and structural aluminum component parts.

Our Swimming Pool Dehumidifier; designed specifically for home and commercial indoor swimming pools, comes ready to install with:

  • 12 inch inlet and oulet collars
  • Low voltage humidistat controller that can be mounted anywhere.
  • Gravity drain
  • 6 feet of condensate hose

The Dehumidification unit is a High Efficiency/High Capacity dehumidifier built for the heavy loads and harsh environments of indoor swimming pools.  Don't be fooled into purchasing a cheap appliance-grade dehumidifier incapable of handling moisture problems associated with indoor swimming pools, spas and whirlpools.  Building an indoor swimming pool is a big investment, don't let your investment be devalued by the damaging effects of corrosive, chlorine-laden water vapor not being removed from the air.

The Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Benefits:

  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Heavy duty - delivers airflows up to 540 CFM ....... this hefty airflow will clear up those foggy windows
  • Prevents structural damage
  • Eliminates chemical and musty odors and reduces mildew
  • Simple to get up and operate
  • Stainless steel body / 5-year warranty

Advanced Design makes Vehere swimming pool dehumidifiers completely untouchable by the competition.  We chose the HI-E Dry Dehumidifiers as "BEST VALUE IN CLASS".  The Vehere can remove 2-3 times more water per kilowatt-hour of electicity than any other comparable dehumidifier.  The Hard working Vehere will remove over 190 pounds of water from the air per day (80 deg. F / 60% RH) - ASHRAE recommended standards.  This innovative dehumidifier removes all of this water while drawing only 12 amps of electricity.  This will save you big $$$ on your annual energy costs!








 PEI also manufactures and installs custom natatoriums, spa enclosures, solariums, skylights canopies and porte-cocheres. 

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