This is just a small sampling of what Pool Enclosures, Inc. can do. All designs are considered custom, so call for details!  (go to the technical info & specs. page for a variety of Swimming Pool Enclosure Styles, sizes and shapes available.) 

Our swimming pool enclosures will typically have a polycarbonate roof.  We use 25mm (1" thickness) multi-wall polycarbonate for maximum insulating qualities (R. 4) and light diffusion.  This versatile, high impact plastic is used for a variety of applications from sunglasses to bullet-proof windows.  Multiwall polycarbonate is a great way to cover large sloped-glazed structures such as pool enclosures, atriums and conservatories.  Add to this the advantage that the material is just one-third the weight of acrylic and one-sixth the weight of glass......plus one-half the price of insulated glass.


Swimming Pool Enclosures - polycarbonate roof


Attached Swimming Pool Enclosure


Interior View of a Pool enclosure designed and built by Pool Enclosures, Inc.

Interior View of Commercial Pool Enclosure

Lean-to Pool Enclosure by Pool Enclosures, Inc.

Lean-to Swimming Pool Enclosure

Pool Enclosures Canopies Sunrooms

Residential 25' x 50' Pool Enclosure

Pool Enclosure Interior

Swimming Pool Enclosure Interior

Attached Equip. Room with 1" foam-core walls

Swim Spa Enclosure

Commercial Swimming Pool Enclosure Exterior


Pool Enclosure Gable Exterior with awning windows

 Residential 28' x 40'

Residential 28' x 40' Pool Enclosure (bronze)

NC Swimming Pool Enclosure Solariums Porete-Cocheres

Hipped-End 25' x 45' Pool Enclosure

 Spa Enclosures Pool Enclosures Sunrooms Solariums

Faceted-End Pool Enclosure with Opal Polycarbonate Roof

33' clear-span lean-to Pool Enclosure

lean-to (shed roof) interior


33' x 51' lean-to Pool Enclosure 

53' clear span gable attached Pool Enclosure

Pool Enclosure interior with kitchen

9' tall sidewall with folding glass doors and transom

29'x57' gable shaped with deck and walkway

28' wide gable attached to house corner


29' wide interior with attached walkway


37' wide interior


Large freestanding

Large gabled shape enclosure 

25' X 45' Faceted Roof

Conservatory Style

Segmented Spa Enclosure



Screened Pool Enclosure Shapes below:

Sunrooms / Solariums - glass roof

PEI's glass roof option for solariums, sunrooms, skylights and some pool enclosures is shown below.  We offer insulating glass with low solar heat-gain / high r-value low-e glass that is the best in the industry. This high performance 1" dual-pane tempered insulated glass is typically used throughout the fixed vertical walls on all our products including swimming pool enclosures.


Commercial Curved Eave Sunroom

Commercial Curved Eave Sunroom



Residential Straight Eave Solarium


Residential Curved Eave Solarium

Canopy / Porte-Cochere


 Segmented (gable attached)Sunroom

Straight Eave Connector Sunroom

Greenhouses - polycarbonate or glass roof



Greenhouse with Opal Polycarbonate Roof



Greenhouse Interior with Polycarbonate Roof



Residential Greenhouse


Gable Attached Straight Eave Greenhouse

Lean-To Greenhouse Interior

Commercial Lean-To Greenhouse

Curved Eave on Knee Wall

Gabled Style


41'-6" wide gabled

  Porte Cocheres & Canopies - Polycarbonate Roof

Commercial Arched Roof Entrances




                                                      FLAT ROOF PORTE COCHERE



The Lowest Bidder

“It’s unwise to pay too much, but it is worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money—that is all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot – it can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run. And if you do that, you will have enough to pay for something better.”
JOHN RUSKIN (1819-1900)

.................NOTE, these are not cookie cutter pool enclosures
Each enclosure is considered custom and will be priced out on an individual basis. Pool enclosures generally average between $80 - $125 per square foot of floor space. There can be many variables such as:
  • shape of structure
  • total square footage
  • free-standing vs. attached to an adjacent building
  • attached walkways or equipment rooms
  • higher eave heights that include taller doors or transoms
  • shipping location
  • number of accessories, doors, windows, roof openings
  • type of glass such as high performance low-e³ (see specs above)
  • Please call us to discuss you're particular requirements - 877-734-2006
ON LINE SPECIALS:  See Technical Information & Specifications - Sample Drawings

PEI offers installation, glass replacement, polycarbonate roof repair and glazing assistance for structures not manufactured by PEI.  Older fiberglass roofed structures that have deteriorated will need replacement eventually...of which polycarbonate vs. fiberglass is the best choice.


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         GABLED                         HIPPED                      SEGMENTED                 LEAN-TO

 PEI also manufactures and installs custom natatoriums, spa enclosures, solariums, skylights canopies and porte-cocheres. 

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