Manufactured extruded aluminum frame, polycarbonate or glass roof swimming pool enclosures engineered to meet high ground snow / roof live loads and wind speeds. The photo below was taken after the blizzard of 2013 in northeastern Canada.



Weight of Snow:

Calculation: S x 1.25 = P where:

S = Inches of snow on the roof (depth)

1.25 = Weight of 1 sq ft of snow for each 1-inch of depth

P = Pounds per square foot (lbs/sq ft)


20-inch roof snow depth x 1.25 lbs/sq ft = 25 lbs per sq ft of roof snow load


Any ice build-up on the roof would need to be added to this formula. Add 5.2 lbs for each 1-inch of ice.

A one-inch layer of water or ice weighs approximately five lbs. per square foot.


 PEI also manufactures and installs custom natatoriums, spa enclosures, solariums, skylights canopies and porte-cocheres. 

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