Build a pool enclosure in northeastern Canada in the middle of winter?  Yes.  Below are photos of a conservatory- style, double-faceted swim spa / hot tub enclosure.  The owners wanted an enclosure that would accent their house architecturally, from the custom beige walls, bronze roof, beige glass grids, combination high performance self-cleaning glass and polycarbonate roof, custom 18 foot wide 3-panel multi-sliding glass door, cultured stone base-wall and have it accessible via a covered walkway attached to the house.  The logical attachment area was under the deck since this area had a door to the house, P.E.I glassed in the area under the deck as well. The enclosure will have in-floor radiant heat augmented with a heat-pump, a dehumidifiier, 60" ceiling fan, and a raised deck on one end around the swim spa and hot tub.  Note...the next day after the tent was taken down the enclosure endured the blizzard of 2013.  The enclosure was designed to meet local building codes for 50 psf roof live load and 90 mph wind loads. 

Click here for a drawing / dimensions.   Read comments from the owner below.  Click images for more info.

Pre assembled, pre-gasketed mock-up in our shop.  Insures error free fabrication and faster installation time. 


   Note the ice around the perimeter of the slab that never really melted during the installation...inside but cold! 


Interior view facing house, note the attached walkway to the house porch. 


Basewall showing Durock backed with Advantech, then faced with cultured inexpensive kneewall. 


Tent take down day 



Next day after tent take down, blizzard of 2013



Faceted end view.  Ridge cresting & finial shown.



View of enclosure, breezeway & glassed area under porch.


 We originally approached Bill Kater of Pool Enclosures Inc. in July of 2012 to discuss our desire to add an attached, stylish enclosure to a fine home in the most prestigious neighborhood in our small Eastern Canadian city. We thought we had very limited options on how to attach it. Our initial idea was to tear out a 3' wide section of an existing wall in our home and add a 10' breezeway to connect to the enclosure. Bill did us one better and came up with a plan to finish the area under our deck, having our rear ground-floor door lead into a new enclosed, insulated area and attaching a 12' long glass breezeway from the deck space to the new enclosure. The combination of the breezeway and under-deck area gave us an instant 200 sq. feet of useable interior space, as well as the 900 sq. feet that was to be the enclosure.
 Bill's ability to put the aesthetic considerations at a very high priority and his patience to address the finer details of the relationship between the house and the enclosure made the difference for us. We threw one design problem after another at him to solve and he handled every single one of them efficiently and creatively. Side wall heights were raised to 10' and the peak to 16' to accommodate a 3' above ground step-in platform between our 16' x 8' swim spa and our 8 'x 8’ Jacuzzi, and he also advised us to add six or seven additional feet to the overall length to the initial 36' plan. Now, we cannot imagine ever being happy without the recommended upsize, because in addition to the pool and Jacuzzi, we plan on using it as a gym and sunroom. With a massive 18' wide sliding door (with screen) that Bill custom ordered for us, and five large sliding windows, we are able to let fresh air into the room to complement the AC & central fan.
 Bill developed our original plan, changing what could have been a utilitarian glass enclosure into a polished, conservatory-style enclosure, which is more of what we were looking for. We achieved the conservatory look through a combination of design elements: the overall Victorian model shape of the structure, the use of the stone knee wall, the higher than normal side walls, the double upper transom and the raised polycarbonate bronze roof with decorative ridge cresting. It was important to us that all the metal framing match our house trim, so Bill made sure it was custom-colored to blend seamlessly with our home. In short, we wanted a conservatory at a discounted price—less than the typical $200-$300 per sq. ft cost that we kept running into when shopping the conservatory market. We made Bill our Canadian house-guest for 4 weeks and at the end of 4 weeks we had exactly what we wanted, despite major snow storms, very high winds and temperatures well below freezing! We are now proud to own an 1,100 sq. ft., Victorian-style pool enclosure and connecting breezeway. Bill actually flew to Canada to meet with the concrete contractor even before the base slab was poured to make sure everything was going to be as it should be. The project came in at the price hoped for, and at a huge discount from the other quotes we received for a similar build. We thank Bill and PEI for a job very well done.
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 PEI also manufactures and installs custom natatoriums, spa enclosures, solariums, skylights canopies and porte-cocheres. 

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