A 31'-8" x 43'-10" arched-top porte cochere located in Romulus, MI.  The roof glazing consists of 25mm 1" thick mult-wall opal polycarbonate.  The glazing system consists of an aluminum screw base and cap clamping system that anchors down to the structural steel subframe.  The prow front shape is typically used on Holiday Inn full service hotels.

Steel sub-frames by others

romulus pc

pc - 5

pc 2


Below are photos of the Farmington Hills, Michigan Porte Cochere.  This drive thru canopy does not have the prow front.

farm hills 36 before    pc 695    pc 708

porte-co·chère or porte-co·chere porte-co·chère  (pôrtk-shâr) noun.1. A carriage entrance leading through a building or wall into an inner courtyard.2. A roofed structure covering a driveway at the entrance of a building to provide shelter while entering or leaving a vehicle.[French porte cochère : porte, door + cochère, for coaches.]