P.E.I. Manufactures Porte Cocheres and Canopies for commercial drive-thru entrances.  Below is a 36' wide x 40' long porte cochere with 25mm 5-wall polycarbonate with an internal X-pattern for strength.  Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic material which offers manufacturer and designers many possibilities while providing greater design freedom, enhanced aesthetics and cost reductions! The material is known for maintaining coloring and strength over time.

hix pc front    hix pc 1 2    hix pc side 1

hi night 1

pc 53

sub frame    pc purlins    25mm 5x opal

porte-co·chère or porte-co·chere porte-co·chère  (pôrtk-shâr) noun.1. A carriage entrance leading through a building or wall into an inner courtyard.2. A roofed structure covering a driveway at the entrance of a building to provide shelter while entering or leaving a vehicle.[French porte cochère : porte, door + cochère, for coaches.]