Below are some suggestions and information for de-humidification systems for indoors pools.  We do not provide any dehumidifiers/fans and recommend you contact your local HVAC experts.  A motorized pool cover or manual solar blanket to cover the water when the pool is not in use and all night long is very necessary when possible.  A pool cover will reduce the dehumidifier (equipment) size, reduce operating, and unit cost. 

FANS AND HEATERS: We recommend large ceiling fans for circulating stratified air (hot air that is trapped near the ceiling) of large structures such as swimming pool enclosures and natatoriums. Heated air from forced air systems is less dense that the ambient air, and naturally rises to the ceiling. Heaters have to work harder to even out the temperature resulting in extra fuel cost. Large fans are designed to move air effectively at low speeds. These fans should push air down without creating a draft. It is recommended to not run fans in reverse to pull up the heat and wash it back down the walls because it can increase heat loss through the roof and will not get the heat down to the pool level in a large pool enclosure. According to ASHRAE - room air temperature must be a minimum 2 degrees warmer that the water temperature to keep condensation controlled. Keeping the air quality and humidity in check by circulating the air around the swimming pool will help reduce condensation, mold and mildew, and disperse chloramines.


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